International Photobook Festival, Stockholm 2015



Panoptikon Fotografins hus: Slupskjulsvägen 26 c


Slupskjulsvägen 26 b


Opening time:


Friday 11/9 - 17:00-19:00

Saturday 12/9 - 12:00-16:00

Sunday 13/9 - 12.00-16.00



Spine is the idea of an organization and event devoted to the photo book as art form and concept. Our common ambition is to emphasize the photo book and widen the perspectives on this current and talked-about art form. In recent years, having evolved into an important instrument for the artist, an investment for the collector and a work of prestige for the printing industry.


The 21century has meant an explosive growth of interest focused on the art book – and in particular the photo book. Parallel to this, the art of photography operates in a new golden age with numerous retrospective exhibitions and re-discovered artistry. In this context, a number of international festivals have been established with great response from the industry as well as audiences.


Spine is built upon the vision of creating a viable institution that repeatedly participates in the ongoing discussion about the distinctions and transformation of the photo book. Emphasizing a multi-cultural perspective that inhabits voices and stories from all over the world, partly turning the light away from the western world.


In contrast to the majority of contemporary photo book festivals, Spine is made up of more than a traditional fair. We’re not solely about publishers putting their books on display. Spine is about asking questions concerning the framework of the photo book. Questions derived from a photographic and artistic perspective.